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The Ακαδημία Ακριτών is recognized as the training hub & headquarters in the Hellenic Diaspora. 

Sport Pammachon (adult martial sport) designation denotes where support of the sport format ONLY at these locations is current or in-process.

To better understand the Pammachon modules, navigate here:

  Pammachon Modules

The Ακαδημία Ακριτών serves as the central hub for Hellenic Diaspora programs. 

   του Παμμάχου

website: www.akritesacademy.com


EricD. Hill  (Ηρακλής Βουνίδης)

Certified Εκπαιδευτής  (Level 2)                                         by Headmaster Kostas Dervenis                                           ΗPA Board Member,  Secretary & VP Curriculum

Sons of Pericles Advisor District 2

Orlando, FL

Hellenic Diaspora

Grady’s Family MMA 

Trainer:              Module:

Don Grady            sport Pammachon Contest

Clearwater, FL